3 months.  Or 92 days.  The amount of time that I’ve been contemplating taking up blogging.  I’m not an entertainer, nor do I lead some excitingly spontaneous life that produces the kind of material necessary for successful blogging, but some days I just feel the need to put into words everything I’ve felt in the past 24 hours!  So, if you are reading this blog, I apologize in advance, and promise that I am just a plain, slightly OCD,  average, sound-of-mind wife and mother– I just happen to have a lot of opinions and feelings on just about every second of the happenings in my life.  Should you feel offended by (or disagree with) any of these opinions/feelings, it certainly was not my intent – and please don’t feel it necessary to tell me so either, as it will only cause me to blog about you (just kidding . . . kinda . . . ).  So lock the kids in a room (preferably with soundproof walls), send the husband outside, and please, pretty please pass the chocolate . . .

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